Why No One is Reacting to your Social Media Posts

Social Media is one of the best places for anyone to “Up” their profiles. Almost everyone has a social media account these days. You gain a number of followers (mostly by following them) but then…you post and no one reacts. Why is that the case?

First, you need to understand how social media has evolved. We moved from the era of posting quotes by famous people to posting original content. That is the key driver for people to engage with your posts. Your content needs to be original. This means, you need to think and research more if you are going to be a leader in your field through social media.


Relevance is also very important. Your social media content must speak to what is happening right now. You need to know current themes in your sector and have your say. Be very careful though. Your opinion needs to be informed. Research is very important.

From this short article you can already see that a good reader will most likely become a good writer on social media. Those are the people that have gained brand relevance and have attracted the right people to work with.

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