How to “Up” Your Profile as a Lawyer Using Social Media

Thought Leadership is what sets one group apart from the other. Professionals such as lawyers are in very competitive fields. Law Society 2016 statistics reflected that there are 24269 practicing lawyers in South Africa. How do you then set yourself apart?

It is all about position yourself as an industry expert in your field. When you sound like you know what you are talking about, you become more reliable than your competitors. This can be done through a mass communication campaign on different social media platforms. There are 4 steps to this.

  1. Developing Engaging Content

Fortunately, lawyers can never run out of content. This is because law is very complex and even the smallest things in law require clarification. A lawyer that wants to set themselves apart can start writing content in their niche or area of specialization.

  1. Delivering the Content Via Social Media

All of our potential clients, regardless of what industries we are in, are constantly looking for information on social media. Social media has become a rich source of new knowledge. After developing content, lawyers must then share their content on social media. This requires strategy and knowing which social media platform to use for what.

  1. Studying Engagements

Once content has been delivered on social media, it is very essential to look at the engagements. This includes reach, shares and responses. The responses can often be turned into sales, which is the aim of mass communication. The reach and shares spread your brand to masses.

  1. Following up with More Content

Your engagements will always give you an idea of where to go next with your content. The more you deliver your content, the more you spread your brand and get responses that you can turn into sales.

Thought Leadership is a very powerful tool that every professional should use to gain a competitive edge and position themselves in a market. That will “up” their profile.

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