Using Thought Leadership to Secure a Market Share

It’s true that a sale starts with a customer. Once you have identified the person who has the buying power to acquire your product (and a need for it), you need to sell. But, markets are made out of hundreds of thousands of those people. How can you efficiently reach out to all of them without putting a strain on your shoes?

Thought Leadership…that is the solution. A sustainable sales strategy is not the one the requires you to call 1000 people each day. It is the one that gets 1000 people calling you every day. And you can achieve this by making people drawn to your brand and create brand loyalty that will keep people coming to you. Remember, where there is a group of people that buy certain products, there is a group of people that are selling those products. The trick is to get people to be loyal to your brand.

So, how can you achieve this through Thought Leadership? Thought Leadership is all about developing industry content and sharing it through different media platforms. Let’s take it to basics. When you are writing about challenges in a field related to the products that your business offers, and then giving solutions…people trust you more. They see you as a person who knows what they are talking about. In a market where you share potential clients with 100 other people and are always at a risk of your clients being poached…this will make you stand out.

Thought Leadership also gives you reach. If you are writing articles on a platform like LinkedIn and posting links on Twitter, you are reaching people online because you speak to their problems. You answer some of their questions while your competitors are focused on traditional sales. Also, good content is addictive. The more you deliver good content, the more people stick with you (and you can attract more people). If you execute this well, you have a certain percentage of the market being loyal to you. That will be your consistency in income. And your job will be to increase because your retention is sorted.

Thought Leadership in this digital age is that ultimate sales, advertising and marketing campaign. It gives purpose to your business. That is how you win loyalty.

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