How to Maximize Your Free LinkedIn Account

Every social media platform is a different world on its own. Twitter allows you 140 characters only, which makes your approach different from Facebook. However, a lot of people do not maximise their LinkedIn accounts (on free accounts).

There is one feature that people seem to miss on LinkedIn, and that is the “Write Article” feature on the home page. This already tells you that, if you want the most out of LinkedIn then Thought Leadership is the way to go. Short posts are rarely engaging on LinkedIn, but writing a full article to great minds is where you get engagement. This feature was not added by mistake.

There is still that issue though…what must you write? In simple terms, you need to pick a cause. Thought Leadership which results to engagement, which drives into sales, is all about a cause. Once you turn your cause into good content, your engagement goes up. Whether you stand for clean energy, or for small business development…use LinkedIn to deliver that content. With all that said, you still need to be well versed when it comes to your cause. As much as you will be giving your own opinion, you cannot miss the facts completely. You still need to walk within the lines.

People that have written great stuff on LinkedIn based on a cause they stand for have been given opportunities to have their work published in news papers. Some have been identified as experts on specific subjects and are called on Radio whenever such subjects need to be unpacked. Same goes for TV.

At the end of the day, Thought Leadership is using free tools plus what you believe in to get yourself exposed to a larger audience.

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