4 Steps on How You Can Become an Author Too

So, you have seen a lot of people release books and you are inspired by them. The question is, how can you also release one and earn your stripes as a Thought Leader?

Whether you are a consultant, entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, NPO head or a professional, securing your position as a Thought Leader will bring you all the sales you need. It all starts with small Thought Leadership things that you can do. Once you have accumulated enough content, you will be ready to release your own book. Follow these 4 steps, you will be good to go. Note: It will take time.

1.      Sharpen your social media presence

Sharpening your social media presence is not about just creating social media accounts and posting content. It requires a strategy like knowing which social media platform to use and for what. Draw up a mind map and keep working on it.

2.      Pick a subject matter

To become a Thought Leader, you need to have a theme and follow it through and through. Pick a topic that you will be posting about and find ways to add it to what the current affairs are in the country. It is all about relevance.

3.      Management your engagements

The aim of your Thought Leadership is to create enough engagement to get you followers. This lies in how you structure your content. You can do small engaging posts on Twitter/Facebook or long engaging articles on LinkedIn. Remember, at this step you are trying to create a future market for your book. If people are not engaging with your posts, they might not buy your book. Don’t just post. Use your strategic mind map.

4.      Structure your book

Take the theme elements from your posts and turn them into book chapters where you can expand on them. Be strategic about it and you will have the first draft of your book. Your book will not only generate sales, but it will also position you as a go to “guy” when it comes to your subject matter. The rest will follow including TV interviews, speaking gigs and so forth. That will provide you with a large marketing platform for your services.

Make that choice to be an industry leader or an industry player.

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